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HD Installers specializes in the following installation services:
Residential  TV installation or commercial television monitor installation for 4K, LCD or LED televisions and 3D TVs
Commercial monitor installation or residential TV installation for 4K, Plasma televisions, LED and 3D TV's
Projector & Screen, Home Theater Installation Services for commercial or residential locations
Custom A/V Installation Services for residential or commercial locations including IPTV

Available with in each installation service:
Residential LCD or  LED TV installation or commercial display installation for 4K, HD LCD or LED televisions:
  • HDTV, 4K, 3D,  LCD or LED television installed wall mounted or table top stand
  • Integration of all audio and video equipment to your LED or LCD Television
  • Wall mounted installation of your LED or LCD TV or commercial display.
  • Ceiling mounted installation for business displays and residential 3D or standard LED or LCD TVs.
  • Over fireplace or on fireplace mantel 3D TV, LED or LCD TV installation
  • Outlet move or relocation behind your 3D TV, LED or LCD TV.

Commercial plasma display installation or residential plasma TV installation for  flat panel plasma televisions:
  • Plasma television and displays installed on wall, ceiling or table stand
  • Plasma TV, 3D Plasma TV or display screen color calibration available on request during installation.
  • Plasma TV, 3D Plasma TV burn-in remediation (clearing Plasma screen of burn-in)
  • Installation and integration of all audio and video equipment to the Plasma TV or 3D TV display.
  • Outlet move or relocation behind your Plasma TV or 3D Plasma TV.

Projector & Screen, Home Theater, surround sound installation services for commercial or residential locations:

Custom A/V residential installation services or custom A/V commercial installation services  including IPTV and 3D TV.

Call (866) 431-4388 today to schedule your home theater, plasma television, or LCD TV installation service.
HD Installers, Home Theater, HDTV Plasma and LCD TV Installation
HD Installers
HDTV, 3D TV, Plasma, LED TV and LCD Television Installation Service
Certified, Insured, Everywhere
Professional Business A/V & Home Theater Installation
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Welcome to the HD Installers : Home Theater Installation web site!
HD Installers is the only certified installation service company that includes relocating your electrical outlet and gives you the Best Installation
Price Guarantee(sm) on your Home Theater, Plasma, LED or Flat Panel LCD TV Installation service from a certified installation company.
More people choose HD Installers the "2005-2015 Home Theater Installation Company Of The Year" and the
2007-2015 Certified HDTV Installation Company of The Year" for top quality flat panel television wall or ceiling installation
services at commercial or residential locations than any other installation company
. And now with our Pick Your Price Installation Service and our
Best Installation Price Guarantee you don't have to spend your valuable time looking for the best price to install your LCD or plasma television.

866-431-4388 and talk to an Installation Consultant at HD Installers and get our Best Installation Price Guarantee(sm) for all of your Home
Theater, HDTV or LCD TV installation needs. HD Installers is here for all your
3D TV, LED, plasma and LCD TV installation needs call today!

100% satisfaction guarantee... Ask about it for more information. Find out why we won the 2005-2007 "Home Theater Installation Company Of The Year"

Best Installation Price Guarantee: All home theater, Plasma television or display, 3D TV, LED  - LCD TV installation services come with our industry
leading Best Installation Price Guarantee (sm)

Fully Insured: HD Installers requires every installer to carry up to $2,000,000.00 in liability insurance so you will never have to worry about any aspect of
your LED, LCD or Plasma TV installation.

The largest nationwide installer company:  Plasma, LED, LCD, DLP, 3D TV and Home Theater Surround Sound installation is available in just about
every city in every state in the U.S.A.

Improved performance: Better Picture for your 3D TV, LED, LCD and Plasma, Sound, and overall quality

Save Time and Money: Since we pay our installers by the job instead of by the hour they're not going to waste time to get more money from you. This  
practice known as "milking the clock" which is a common practice with our competition and something that HD Installers find unethical and deplorable.

The Most Experience: No one has completed more high quality Plasma Television, LED TV, LCD TV, DLP TV, HDTV and Home Theater Surround Sound
installations than HD Installers.

Top Rated Customer Service: Rated #1 Home Theater Installation company customer service for 2005, 2006 and 2007 by Planet Installation and Certified
HDTV Installers group.

Certified: HD Installers is certified by the industry leading organizations. Including; Planet Installation, the Consumer Electronics Association, PARA Home,
Tech Home and HDMI.org

#1 Rated Quality Installations: All our installation technicians are trained to provide a professional quality experience on all 3D TV, LED, Plasma, LCD,
DLP and Home Theater Surround Sound installations. Rated by Planet Installation as the 2007 Home Theater Installation Company of the Year!
HD Installers LCD TV installation, plasma TV installation, home theater installation 10 star guarantee
Call (866) 431-4388 today to schedule your home theater, plasma television installation, surround sound, LED or LCD TV
installation service.
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"I had my big screen HDTV
LCD installed by HD Installers
over my fireplace after one of the
big box stores said it couldn't
be done. Apparently HD
Installers can make the
impossible dream, possible
A+++ Service. I've referred you
to all my friends looking to
install big screen TV or home
theater systems"
- Jack H. San Jose, CA
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"I love my new home
theater system setup.... HD
Installers came out and did
a great job installing and
integrating everything
perfectly. I will recommend
them to all our friends and
-Bob J. San Antonio, TX

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"I can see why you guys
won the 2007 Award for the
best HDTV installation
company. Your service is
great! Your installers are
professional and know
exactly what they are doing"
-Todd B. Seattle, WA

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"My sister used HD
Installers in San Francisco
and was so happy with your
installation she told me
about it. I live in Atlanta,
GA and Kevin did a great
job installing my HDTV, I
told my bother about it and
Houston and he used you
guys also and said you did
a great job. 3 for 3 satisfied
customer for my family,
way to go HD Installers."
-James H. Atlanta, GA

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"LCD TV Installation
service from HD Installers is
great. John the installer
did a great job. Totally
worth every cent"
-John S., Manhattan, NY

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"HD Installers has a
dedication to service and
customer satisfaction. I had
an issue with my equipment
and HD Installers went out
of the way to provide the
perfect installation
- Wendy W., Roswell, GA

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Best Installation Price Guarantee

The top retail manufacturing brands for Home Theater, 3D TVPlasma TV & LCD television as well as IPTV Networks call on HD
Installers to perform
Home Theater, LCD and Plasma TV installation services for their customers. These companies know the value
of customer satisfaction and that they count on HD Installers to deliver what we promise, the
perfect installation experience from a
certified and licenced HDTV installer.

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