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HD Installers Austin HDTV Installation Van
HD Installers
Austin, Texas
Local LED, Projector, LCD TV and Plasma Television Installers
Certified, Insured, Local
Professional Home Theater Installation
Commercial and Residential
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Austin, Texas Installation Services
Home Theater Installation, Plasma TV
Installation, LCD TV Installation, DLP Television
Installation, Rear Projection Television Installation,
HDTV Installation, in-wall speaker installation,
concealing wires, universal remote control
programming, projector installation, projection
screen installation and more.
All of our Austin Installers are Certified Home
Theater Installation and Big Screen Installation
Professionals. Click
here for our list of home
theater installation packages.
I looked around Houston for a home theater
installation company. I had 4 come out of those
that came out only HD Installers made me feel
comfortable enough to have in my house. They're
professional, well dressed, clean and they showed
up on time. That was just the start. They did a
beautiful job in creating my home theater room.
They installed two plasma televisions and I had
another LCD TV that they installed for me. We
also had 2 surround sound systems that they
installed all the speakers and integrated it with all
of our equipment. HD Installers did a great job
installing all my big screens and speakers.

Rating: 10 Stars
Service: Custom TV Installation, Surround
Sound Installation.
-S. Hodge- Houston, TX
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HD Installers provides professional home theater, plasma television installation, LCD
TV Installation and projector installation in Austin, TX and most cities across the US.
Call HD Installers today to schedule your installation in Austin today.

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(866) 431-4388
For 18 years HD Installers offering installation for  HDTV Installation, LCD televisions , plasma TV's  and home
theater in Austin, Texas. Call for your price in Austin for our industry leading professional Projector, Home Theater
Installation, LCD TV and Plasma Television Installation services. HD Installers is the winner of the prestigious
Texas Home Theater Installation company of  the year award.

HD Installers has every Austin TV installation performed by our local professional certified and insured HDTV
Call Toll Free Today: (866) 431-4388
My 50" Panasonic Plasma TV is Installed above
my fireplace perfectly. All the wires are hidden
and my surround sound system sounds great.

Rating: 9 Stars
Service: Deluxe TV Installation
-J. Robertson - San Antonio, TX
investment for my family. They took great care of
investment for my family. They took great care of
installing everything, cleaning up and training us
how to use it. Thank you!
how to use it. Thank you!

Rating: 9 Stars
Service: Deluxe TV Installation
-J. Kirkpatrick - El Paso, Texas
I'm ready two watch my two favorite teams the
Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks in HD.
My Plasma TV are installed and looking good!

Rating: 9 Stars
Service: Premium Plasma TV Installation
-D. Nuzzio - Dallas, Texas
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There are tons of "Installers" in Austin. Most of
them don't have insurance, have no training. HD
Installers sent out professional to install my 42"
Plasma TV. They did a great job!

Rating: 10 Stars
Service: Deluxe Plasma TV Installation
-T. Sullivan - Austin, Texas
HD Installers Grey Panel
Austin has had  more televisions
installed by HD Installers than any
other professional certified installation
company. Find out why by using the
service from the 2010 home theater
installation company of the year!
toll free at (866) 431-4388
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