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HD Installers, Home Theater, Plasma and LCD TV Baltimore Installation
HD Installers
Baltimore, Maryland
The Local Baltimore LED,  LCD TV and Plasma Television Installers
Certified, Insured, Local
Professional Home Theater Installation
Commercial and Residential
Call toll free
(866) 431-4388
Baltimore, Maryland
Installation Services offered:
Home Theater Installation, Plasma TV
Installation, LCD TV Installation, DLP
Television Installation, Rear Projection
Television Installation, HDTV Installation,
in-wall speaker installation, concealing wires,
universal remote control programming,
projector installation, projection screen
installation and more.

All of our Baltimore Installers are Certified
Home Theater Installation and Big Screen
HDTV Installation Professionals. Click
for our list of
home theater installation
Choosing the right installation company seemed
almost as complex as choosing the right
television. Their are tons of companies out their
that say they are the best. But I took the time to
look into them all and nobody even came close to
the level of service and customer referrals that
HD Installers. So I decided to go with your
installation company. I'm very glad I did you
provided expert advice, service and follow-up. I'm
just one of thousands of satisfied customers you
have. Thank you for doing such a great job and
providing service the way it should be offered,
customer first!

Rating: 10 Stars
Service: 2 Platinum TV Installations with Bose
System installation and integration
-G. Lord - Baltimore, MD
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installation distance
calculator to get an
idea how far to install
your Plasma
Television or LCD
TV from your seating
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HD Installers provides local professional home theater, plasma television installation,
LCD TV Installation, projector, HDTV installation in Baltimore, MD and most cities
across the US. Call HD Installers today to schedule your HDTV installation services

Toll Free
(866) 431-4388
HD Installers is exactly what they appear to be, a
great company that provides quality installation
services. Thank you for all your hard work.

Rating: 9 Stars
Service: Premium Plasma TV Installation
-J. Hitchens - Baltimore, Maryland
Your guys did a great job. They got everything
working together on one remote instead of 3
remotes and my tv looks perfect above my

Rating: 10 Stars
Service: Premium TV Installation
-C. Tucker - Gaithersburg, MD
For 18 years HD Installers has offered Baltimore installation services for HDTV, LED, LCD televisions , plasma TV's  and
home theater . If you are looking for local professional installation in Baltimore, Maryland call HD Installers today. Our
industry leading Baltimore professional HDTV Installation, Projector, Home Theater Installation, LCD TV and Plasma
Television Installation services. HD Installers is the winner of the prestigious Maryland Home Theater Installation company
of  the year award.

Every Baltimore TV installation is performed by our professional certified and insured locally based Baltimore HDTV installers. Baltimore
plasma television installation requires certification, as well as Baltimore LCD TV Installation.
Don't trust your Baltimore HDTV Installation to someone who isn't certified call Baltimore HD Installers today.
Call Toll Free Today: (866) 431-4388
I got a huge 65" Plasma Television from my local big box
store. I had you guys, HD Installers, come out and install it.
I was very impressed with your installers knowledge of my
television and how they knew exactly what to secure my
Panasonic television on the wall. It's hard to find good
service in todays world, I'm glad I found you!

Rating: 10 Stars
Service: Premium Plasma TV Installation
-E. Jamora - Rockville, Maryland
I was very happy with John the local installer.
He did a great job, was very professional and
showed me how to work everything.
Thanks HD Installers.

Rating: 10 Stars
Service:  Platinum TV & Bose Installation
- Jack P. - Baltimore, MD
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We have installed more plasma, LCD and
projectors in Baltimore than any other
company. Trust your investment with the best.
Give us a call today
(866) 431-4388 toll free
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Baltimore Panasonic Plasma TV with in wall speakers
HD Installers Supports OnGuardOnline.gove
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Call today to find out why we've installed more TV
over the fireplace in Baltimore than any other
company. Our Baltimore installers are the best in
the business. We have one 8 awards for home
theater design because of their great work.
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Over the fireplace Plasma or LCD HDTV installation

All Baltimore plasma & LCD TV installations come with our "Best Installation Price Guarantee"(SM).
Click here to read more about our
"Best Installation Price Guarantee"!
Best Installation Price Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee