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HD Installers, Home Theater, Plasma and LCD TV Cincinnati Installation
HD Installers
Cincinnati, Ohio
Local 3D, LED, Projector, LCD TV and Plasma Television Installers
Certified, Insured, Local
Professional Home Theater Installation
Commercial and Residential
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Cincinnati, Ohio Installation Services offered:
Home Theater Installation, Flat Panel / Big Screen, Plasma TV Installation, LCD TV Installation, LED Television Installation, 3D
Television Installation, in-wall speaker installation, concealing wires, universal remote control programming, projector installation,
projection screen installation and more.

All of our Cincinnati Installers are Certified Home Theater Installation and Big Screen Installation Professionals. Click
here for
our list of
home theater installation packages.
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HD Installers provides professional local home theater, plasma television installation,
LCD TV Installation and projector installation in Cincinnati and surrounding cities in
the metro Cinci area. Call HD Installers today to schedule your installation

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For 18 years HD Installers has offered local installation services for LCD televisions , plasma TV's  and home
theater in Cincinnati Ohio. Call for your price in Cincinnati for our industry leading professional Flat Panel, 3D, LED,
Projector, Home Theater Installation, LCD TV and Plasma Television Installation services.

Every Cincinnati TV installation is performed by our local professional certified and insured installers.
Call Toll Free Today: (866) 431-4388
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HD Installers Grey Panel
Everyone wants the best television and speaker system
installed by the best installation company. You buy the
best like Bose and Panasonic trust it with the best
installation company in Cincinnati, HD Installers.
toll free at (866) 431-4388
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I was looking for a local installer and found you
on Google. I am glad I went with you. Its nice to
use local installers. I don't like when they fly
them in. LOL. I was very happy with the service.
Myles the tech that answered the phone was
funny, smart and professional. John and Sam the
installers came in focused on the work. Which is a
little hard considering its me and my 3 Co-Ed
roommates running around mostly clothed. Well
we are all so excited about our new 70" television
and 7.1 speaker audio system. The training we
got on it was great. When we install more
televisions we will give you a call. Thanx!

Rating: 10 Stars
Service: Platinum Flat Panel HDTV Installation
& Bose Speaker installation
-Kourtney F. -Cincinnati, OH
I just installed my 2nd TV with you guys. It was
nice to see that years later you have the same
installers that do a great job. Thank you!

Rating: 9 Stars
Service: Premium Plasma TV Installation
-Jamie B  Cincinnati, Oh
My 55" LED 3D TV installation went perfect. I
can't believe how much you get from one
company. You saved me hundred off of a
electrician. Thank you HD Installers for doing
everything I needed done with one call.

Rating: 10 Stars
Service: Flat Panel TV installed over fireplace
with outlet installation behind TV.
-Charles B. - Cincinnati, OH
I will order from you again for my next TV
installation. You guys did a great job.

Rating: 9 Stars
Service:  Premium TV Installation
-Frank G. - Cincinnati Ohio
I can't wait to see the Bengals back int he
playoffs with my new 70" TV. You guys did a
great job installing the TV over the fireplace. I'm
happy that I went with you guys.

Rating: 9 Stars
Service:  Commercial Plasma TV Installation
-Ryan B.  - Cincinnati, Ohio
HD Installers Grey Panel
Arguably the best LCD TV installed in the corner is a
very common installation in the Cincinnati area
performed by the company that has performed more
installations than any other in Cincinnati HD Installers
toll free at (866) 431-4388
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Sony XBR LCD 1080P Installed in Corner
Panasonic Plasma Installation with Bose System
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