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Local Cleveland, Ohio Installation Services offered:
Home Theater Installation, Flat Panel, Plasma TV Installation, LCD TV Installation, LED Television Installation, 3D TV
Installation, in-wall speaker installation, concealing wires, universal remote control programming, projector installation, projection
screen installation and more.

All of our Cleveland Installers are Certified Home Theater Installation and Big Screen Installation Professionals. Click
here for our
list of
home theater installation packages.
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HD Installers provides local professional home theater, plasma television installation,
LCD TV Installation and projector installation in Cleveland and surrounding cities.
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For 17 years HD Installers has offered local installation services for big screen LCD televisions , plasma TV's  and
home theater in Cleveland, Ohio. Call for your price in Cleveland for our industry leading professional HDTV, 3D,
LED, Projector, Home Theater Installation, LCD TV and Plasma Television Installation services.

Every Cleveland TV installation is performed by our local professional certified and insured installers.
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If you are looking for the best installation company in
the Cleveland call HD Installers. We have more
experience with Plasma or LCD TV Installation than
any other company in Cleveland.
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LCD TV Installation and Bose Installation
Television installation isn't that exciting. It's a
service used to watch something exciting. People
don't get excited about getting their TV
professionally installed, right? Well I guess I'm
strange it was great to see your professional
installers in action. I was eagerly anticipating the
installation date and when they showed up they
just blew my mind with how they divided and
conquered the job and then came together at the
exact moment that everything was ready. It was
like a strange dance. I know this that nobody
could ever do as good a job as what HD Installers
does. Thank you!

Rating: 10 Stars
Service: 3D TV Installation and 7.1 Surround
-Victor S. - Cleveland , OH
One day I hope to need you guys again. This was
my first big television. It is a very good
experience with your team. Thank you!

Rating: 9 Stars
Service: Premium Plasma TV Installation
-Oliver P. - Cleveland, Oh
Boom! Crack! Sizzle! That is what I heard when
my TV came crashing down after I used a guy
from Craigslist. Luckily my home owners policy
covered it. The insurance company recommend
you guys and you did a much better job. Thanks
HD Installers.

Rating: 10 Stars
Service: Flat Panel LED TV Installation
-Gary S. - Cleveland, Ohio
Simple, Easy to work with is how I describe your
service. All it took was one call, one appointment
and everything was installed including the outlet.
Thanks HD Installers.

Rating: 9 Stars
Service:  Over fireplace TV Installation with outlet
-John D. -Cleveland, Ohio
I finally got another TV and I used you guys
again to install it. Same great installers years later
and same great service. Thank you HD Installers.

Rating: 10 Stars
Service:  Flat Panel LED TV installed over
fireplace, removing old TV.
-Sharon B.  - Cleveland, Ohio
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All Cleveland flat panel 3D, LED, plasma & LCD TV installations come with our "Best Installation Price Guarantee"(SM).

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"Best Installation Price Guarantee"!
Best Installation Price Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
HD Installers: TV 15 Home Theater Installation
Plasma TV installed over the
fire place on brick. With
surround sound installation
in Cleveland.
Home Theater Installation Over the Fireplace