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10 Star Gaurentee
100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best Installation Price Guarantee: All Plasma, LCD, DLP and Home Theater Surround
Sound Installation Services come with Best Installation Price Guarantee(sm).

Fully Insured: HD Installers requires our installers to carry up to $2,000,000.00 in liability
insurance so you will never have to worry about any aspect of your LCD or Plasma TV

The largest nationwide installer company:  Plasma, LCD, DLP and Home Theater Surround
Sound installation is available in just about every city in every state in the U.S.A.

Improved performance: Better Picture for your LCD and Plasma, Sound, and overall quality

Save Time and Money: Since we pay our installers by the job instead of by the hour they're
not going to waste time to get more money from you. This practice known as "milking the
clock" which is a common practice with our competition and something that HD Installers find
unethical and deplorable.

The Most Experience: No one has completed more high quality Plasma Television, LCD TV,
DLP TV, HDTV and Home Theater Surround Sound installations.

Top Rated Customer Service: Rated #1 Home Theater Installation company customer service
by Planet Installation.

Certified: HD Installers is certified by the industry leading organizations. Including; Certified
HDTV Installers, Council Of Internet Retailers, Planet Installation, the Consumer Electronics
Association, Cedia, PARA Home, Tech Home and HDMI.org

#1 Rated Quality Installations: All our installation technicians are trained to provide a
professional quality experience on all Plasma, LCD, DLP and Home Theater Surround Sound
installations. Rated by Planet Installation as the Home Theater Installation Company of the
Year 2006-2008!
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