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The custom to the left installation wasn't
something the customer thought possible. Now
they are very pleased with how HD Installers hung
their Sharp LCD TV and XBox 360. We calibrated
their LCD television, put all the components,
except for the Xbox, in a near by closet  and show
the customer how to use their RF remote. HD
Installers has the experience to
create your
dream LCD experience.

Regardless of your requirements HD Installers is
your best choice for all of your LCD TV installation

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HD Installers is the local leader in LCD TV Installation services. To get the most out of your LCD TV Installation you
should call on the
LCD TV Installation experts. Many people ask us "what's better LCD or Plasma TV?". The answer to
the question really depends on your personal settings. To understand why there is a difference in LCD vs. Plasma first you
must understand how LCD TV works. Here is how an LCD television works.

LCD (liquid crystal display) is an electro-optical amplitude modulator that is realized as a thin, flat display device made up of
any number of color or monochrome pixels arrayed in front of a light source or reflector. There are many types of LCD's.
From you television to your digital clock on your bed to the screen on your laptop they all use the same basic scientific
technique to display an image. The very simple explanation is that LCD TV Panels push a light through LCD panels and the
LCD reflects different colors as it passes through the panels. Because it pushes light through the screen it shows a better
picture then Plasma TV in well lit rooms. The downside to most LCD is that they cannot reproduce true blacks and has a
limited grey scale. So sometimes what should look dark black comes across grey. Most higher quality screens from
companies like
Sony, Samsung and Sharp do a decent job with black levels but other cheaper brands from our experience
of installing LCD TV aren't good for viewing television at night because you will be extremely disappointed in picture quality.
The screen resolution on LCD TVs is far greater then plasma televisions that are in the priced in the same ballpark.

Check out more information about LCD TV on

HD Installers has installed more LCD TV then any other
LCD TV installation company. If you're looking for a LCD TV
Installation company then trust the only
LCD TV installation company to offer you a 10 Star Guarantee that includes a
free 1 year warranty on all LCD TV installations. (priced at over $300 at most big box stores)
Best Installation Price Guarantee
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