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Everything you need to know about home theater, LCD TV, and plasma television installation certification.
Buying a plasma television or LCD TV is much easier than finding a good qualified installer. So the value of working with a company certification is
extremely important. HD Installers only uses the
best certification resources available. Including Planet Installation, CEDIA and Certified
HDTV Installers. But unfortunately there are a bunch of companies out there that are saying they are HDTV or Home Theater certification
that are bogus. So the question I always get is how do you tell a bogus certification company from a real one? Well we put the following
article together for you to help you determine if the certification is real or fake. Those I listed above are all real. How do I know, because I've used
them. So how can you tell they are real?

The all do testing on the installation company and installers themselves. Companies that don't do the testing themselves are bogus. How
can you certify someone that you have no idea if they are qualified to perform the work? Unfortunately there are companies doing this today. Read
below for companies to avoid.

Companies that don't require customer testimonials that can be verified are bogus. Why would you certify someone as a company
customer can trust if you have no idea of the work they have done in the past.

"Certification" that say they will help the installer build customer testimonials are fake. Unfortunately there are companies writing fake
reviews and posting them on their site.

4.) Companies that provide a list of companies with no contact information that are just listing cities and names of the business are bogus. They do this
so that can show up on Google and Yahoo better. I've seen companies list completely bogus names of companies that have nothing to do with
installation at all just to show up better in search engines.

Never trust a company that says they are certified but you have no way to check that they truly are certified. If the are certified a real
certification company will be able to show you what their installers are certified to perform and how the achieved that certification.

Companies that don't have anything to do with installation industry are trying to pass certifications on to installers. Certificate authority
companies don't have a clue if an installer is good or not how can they possibly know what it take to get a television completely integrated into the

Follow those simple rules and you will be fine.

Here is a list of companies that I think do a good job in certification: (we hold certifications from all three)
Installer Certification:

Installation Business Certification:

Based on the guideline above here are some companies not to trust:
There's a company out there that is a "Plasma TV Buying Guide" - Lists fake companies for the purpose of cheating Google or Yahoo so they show
up higher in the search engines. This company doesn't do any testing, doesn't have any expertise in the field, according to their site they will even write
fake reviews for the company. Writing fake reviews for a company should be against the law. Anyone on that list I would have to say in my opinion
are companies of extremely low standards and I wouldn't trust in my house. If you based the purchase of your plasma or LCD TV off of these guides I
would recommend that you reconsider because they only point to companies that they own or that are large overpriced stores. Check out companies
that have truly unbiased reviews like
Sound and Vision and Home Theater Magazine before you buy anything.

The "LCD TV Buying Guide" – This is the same company as the other listed above with the same business practices. - Doesn't do any testing just verification of testing.
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