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People ask HD Installers all the time why they should purchase from HD Installers when they can get installation from the big box stores. It's a
good question and we love it when people call and ask because if they are intelligent they will see the benefits of using a pure play installation
company over a big box store. The simplest way to communicate the difference is to go step by step over what your big screen installation
experience with them and what you will big screen installation experience be with us. To protect us from frivolous law suites we will call one
company BB and the other we will call HH. They are the biggest electronics chains in the US. I will let you figure out what big box stores I'm
referring to.

1.) Pre-sales television installation education and information:
A.) Web site: The HD Installers Installation Experience:  We provide approximately 100 pages of content on the sole topic of professional certified
plasma TV installation, LCD TV installation, home theater installation and we just added information on OLED TV and SED TV.

The Big Box store web experience:  
BB: Has two pages that doesn't provide any education and basically only offers pricing.
CC: For home theater, LCD and plasma installation they have 4 pages linked from their home page to their installation department site.

2.) The sales process:
A.) HD Installers, Installation Consultants ask you questions about what your wanting and based on what your describing you get the perfect
installation experience. If you have a need that is outside our standard installation services we will send over a Certified LCD TV Installation,
plasma TV Installation and home theater installation tech. Any fees charged for this service are credited back in full if you use any of our TV
installation services. None of our Installation Consultants are paid on commission so they aren't going to try to push you into a installation service
you don't need. Our Installation Consultants go through a minimum 1 month training process so they know what service is right for you. Our quotes
we give over the phone are what you pay.

The Big Box store installation sales process
BB: A uneducated sales person is going to try to undersell you the service that you need. They will quote you a price typically at about 50% of the
price of what you will end up paying because they never order the full service that you need. Sometimes the sales person will try to push you into an
installation package that they paid more commission on and over sell you what you need. The sales person has gone through 1 hour of training on
the installation services. If you do have someone come out and give a site assessment they charge $100 and will give 50% back on purchases larger
than $499

3.) The price of professional LCD, Plasma TV and Home Theater Installation:

Used for the pricing example:
  • Site assessment at the time of installation
  • 42" Plasma or LCD TV Installation.
  • Fasten  or install the wall mount to the LCD or Plasma TV
  • Install up to 5 new video or video components or equipment into the TV
  • Concealing customer provided cables and wires to and from all connected equipment completely installed
  • Programming two universal non learning remotes
  • Wall mounting up to 2 front speakers
  • Up to 20 minutes education

Call HD Installers at 866 431-4388 to find out all you get with your Plasma or LCD TV installation and Home Theater Installation service.

Site Assessment: $50 after $50 refund.
TV Mounting: $500
Two Speaker Setup: $200
Program two universal non learning remotes: $600 ($300 each)
Final Price: $1300 + Tax

HH-Prices: $699 + Tax Includes $50 for site assessment.

Your savings using HD Installers for your plasma or LCD television installation and home theater installation:

HD Installers is considerably less! Call (866) 431-4388 for our prices for Projector, Surround Sound, LCD and Plasma television

Why pay more for less service?

4.) The installation experience:

HD Installers only employees and uses certified home theater installation, plasma TV and LCD TV Installers that have a minimum of 3 years
experience. We have performed more home theater and LCD TV installations that BB and HH combined. We provide a
10 Star Guarantee that
nobody else can offer giving you a superior level of service.

BB installation experience: They out source the installations in most instances to us and our installers. They provide a 5 point pledge that includes in
the great pledge of "- installation is not refundable." With a pledge like that I think I would stay away. They don't do any background checks on
their installers. Why pay almost 3 times the price when you can get a 100% satisfaction guarantee from HD Installers for better service?

HH installation experience: They are trying a new service and like all new services this complex in field service management they are having some
difficulties from my perspective. They do not provide any sort of Guarantee even though their site says they do. If you try to find out what the
guarantee you will find out that its nothing. They list nothing on their guarantee .  If the use their installers you will always about 25% higher cost than
you would pay if you went directly with HD Installers.

5.) After the installation:

HD Installers Experience: See our 10 Star Guarantee. It includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all television installations for plasma, LCD,
OLED, SED, Projector, and Home Theater Installations. No other company offers that level of service.

BB- installation experience: You get their great 5 point pledge..
Here is what it includes:
    Perform the work to your satisfaction - wow, ask them to explain satisfaction for you...
    Work with your schedule - how else would they get in your house
    Teach you to use your system - something like here is the power button, whoohoo!
    Respect your home as if it were our own - ok, not bad but what if they are slobs at home?
    Remedy any defect in workmanship for up to one year* - what happens if they don't.. oh yeah the star says it all
    *Our regular return policy applies - installation is not refundable.

No guarantee, no warranty of service... - you just have to hope that nothing goes wrong.

Now we know what you might be thinking.. 'how objective is this information after all your comparing your own services?' We ask you not to believe us
and don't believe the smarmy sales guy either. What we want you to do is to c
heck out those other companies web sites yourself. Their legal
department had to sign off on whats on those pages so you know their accurate while their sales guy is just trying to make quota and doesn't care what
happens after the sale.
If you go into the store, read the small print before you sign anything. Basically we ask that you do the research yourself you
will find everything we wrote in this article is accurate. Once you confirmed everything we have said is the truth give us call and schedule your plasma TV,
LCD TV or home theater installation with HD Installers. HD Installers is always certified, insured, prompt and professional.

-HD Installers.
All rights reserved by their perspective owners.
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