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When I was growing up my grandfather raised me. He was an old world man that worked hard his whole life,
served in WW2 and when I need someone to take care of me at an early age he spent is life savings adopting me.  
He was a man that always did what was right, if he found $100 he would call the police and turn it in. Some people
would say that wasn't very smart but I think he was a man of a very high moral character. He always gave me
advice on life and taught me lessons in the real world based by showing me how his advice applied to everyday life.
One day he decided that I was of the age to start learning the value of money and how paying more for good
service and a good product is more important than saving a few dollars on a bad product with poor service. To
help me learn this lesson he took me to three places.

The first place he took was a used car dealership. The used car dealership had your typical polyester clad bad hair
piece wearing huckster of a salesman. He was very friendly, smiled allot, cracked stupid jokes and came down
$1500 off the sticker price. The car was only 1 year old had only 10,000 miles on it and it looked pretty good.
They didn't offer a warranty and didn't have a service shop.

The second place he took me was to a new car dealership that had used cars. This guy was more stuffy really
wanted us to buy the car and took the price down $1000 of the sticker price and put in a 1 year warranty as it was
a certified dealer of the same car but the sticker price was $1000 dollar more that the sticker price of the used car
store for the same car and the car had 13,000 miles one and had a few scratches along the door.

The third place he took me was a new car dealership that didn't sell used cars. We looked at the same car but it
was brand new. It took for ever to get them to give us the price and when my grandfather asked questions about
the engine in newer model the sales guy really didn't seam to know what he was talking about very much. The car
was perfect, the car only had 3 miles on it. And it came with a 5 year limited warranty. The car was $5000 more
than the used car dealership and $4000 more than the second place we visited.

After we visited all three my grandfather asked which one did I think was a better deal. I told him the cheaper one
of course. He asked me 'why' I thought the cheaper one was a better deal. I said because it cost less and the car
looks better than the one at the second place we visited.

So the next day we go and pick up the car telling the guy we wanted to take it for a day and if we like it we will
buy it. After some negotiation the sales guy finally agreed. After we left the dealership my grandfather drove us to
his friends local automotive repair shop he already had an appointment. He asked his friend to look the car over
from head to toe. After about 4 hours of inspecting the car he found that the odometer was turned back, the paint
job was new and that the car was in an accident and it had bondo work done on the right front side of the car and
the frame was off slightly. My grandfather had his friend tell me why each thing was a big deal. So the car was
damaged very badly, had no warranty, the odometer was turn back probably by the shady car dealership. We
took that car back the same day, when my grandfather showed the sales the estimation and details from the repair
shop the guy took the car back no problem or questions asked.  

After we left the dealership he asked me "OK what is the best deal now out of the two that are left" I said "well it
has to be the new car, you know it doesn't have problems, it comes with a 5 year limited warranty, and you know
who's owned it so it was worth the $4000 more". He asked me to "think about it some more".

He then explained that the 1 year warranty was complete coverage on the second car we saw and the new car
didn't have that coverage included. And the second care still had 4 years of the limited coverage warranty on it
from the original 5 year warranty. He then explained that the new car would depreciate about $3000 when we
drove it off the lot.

It was obvious the best deal was the car that from the certified used dealer. That paying the price for the new car
from the dealership wasn't worth the extra money. He then asked me what did I learn. I thought about it for awhile
and came to the following conclusion I shared with him.

The cheapest isn't always the best, their could be hidden cost and other problems that you don't find out about until
much later. That the cheapest is cheapest for a reason that your getting what your paying for which is poor service
and some possible hidden cost later.

The most expensive from the brand name isn't always the best deal because its the same car so why pay more for
something that isn't really worth it?

The best deal is getting the best service, paying a little more than the cheap guys and not getting gouged by the big

The same lesson applies to LCD Installation, Plasma Installation and Home Theater Installation...

Can you find it for cheaper than HD Installers, probably yes. But just like the shady used car dealership your
missing something if you buy from them. Something as important as insurance to cover any damage from their
poorly crafted installation and having it installed by a certified installer so you get the best picture from your LCD
TV or Plasma television once it's installed. Ask yourself what are you going to do if you got your TV installed by
the cheap guy and it comes crashing down? We have seen these cheap companies vanish and show up a month
later as a different name. What are you going to do if the television doesn't work properly a month down the road?
The potential for problems out weighs any sort of short term savings. Not all installation companies provide the
same quality service. The television installation business is filled with hucksters just like the used car dealership.
Don't fall for the to low to be believable prices. HD Installers give you the best rates available from a certified and
insured professional installation company.

HD Installers is the only professional TV installation company that provides a 10 Star Guarantee that includes
a full 1 year warranty on your installation. Get professional LCD or plasma TV installation from a
insured and certified company.

HD Installers is the largest, most awarded, most referred, independent professional home theater
installation company that offers both residential and commercial LCD TV installation, plasma television
installation and home theater installation in the U.S.A.

Read our customer reviews to find out why we are
the most recommended home theater installation,  certified LCD
TV installation and plasma television installation company in the U.S.

HD Installers has more customer reviews than any other company. The reason why is that we strive to make every
installation the prefect experience for our customers. Before you go with anyone else ask to see 50 reviews from
real customers they installed their plasma television, LCD TV or home theater system from anyone you choose if
they don't have them then you shouldn't trust your investment with them.
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