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The Best Installation Price Guarantee(sm) from HD Installers.

We shop our
licensed, certified and insured competitors in your area and provide you with the best price for your TV
Installation or Home Theater Installation services then we provide. We do this so you don't have to waste your time
shopping for the best installation price because we guarantee you the best price.

Our Best Installation Price Guarantee is very simple to understand, If you find a better price from a licensed, certified
and insured installation company we will do our best to match that price.  
You can expect to save up
to 20% over other leading licensed, certified and , insured installation companies.

When shopping for an installation to compare against HD Installers please make sure they have following:

    1. Look for certification from all six of the following organizations and government bodies:
  • CE
  • TechHome
  • Certified HDTV Installers
  • Planet Installation
  • Electrical Certifications by State, City and Counties if providing electrical services.

    HD Installers is certified by all 5 of these organizations. Certification is important because it proves the
    installers are professional and experienced in home theater installation or flat panel television installation.

    2. Licensed in your local area to perform low voltage and electrical services. Licensing comes from:
  • Local Public Utility Service Commissions
  • State, City and County boards for contractors
    Your homeowners insurance policy will be void in most instances if you use someone to install your flat panel television or
    home theater system and your house is damaged your home and they are not both licensed and insured.

    3. Insurance comes in many forms but to protect your interest make sure your the company you are paying is
    the company listed as the policy holder as well as check these items on their policy:
  • Are they specifically covered to install electronics? - a general contractors insurance policy does not cover the
    installation of expensive flat panel or home theater systems. They only cover things like drywall repair.
  • Is the insurance for catastrophic damage only? - If it's catastrophic coverage only it will not cover your television
    crashing down from the wall. Typically they only cover if they burn down the house or if some was killed as a result of
    the television crashing down.

HD Installers is Certified with all 5 of the certification organizations listed and government bodies needed.

HD Installers is licensed by every government organization we are required to do work in.

HD Installers every installation is insured.
HD Installers
The Best Installation Price Guarantee(sm)
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Certified, Insured, Local
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