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Why you shouldn't do it yourself or have your friend install your Plasma or LCD TV:
Choosing an installation company to install your LCD TV, plasma television and for home theater installation is not
like moving a couch or installing a washing machine. Just because something thinks they can do home theater
installation doesn't mean they can. HD Installers has personally gone back out on several thousand installations that
needed to be redone because the friend or local guy didn't have a clue on how to install the television correctly. We
had several re-installations wall mounted televisions that had significant damage to wall the big screen television was
installed onto. Furthermore we had several hundred customers call us to have us install the second LCD or plasma
TV they bought because the first one was dropped and unrepairable.

Home Theater, LCD and Plasma TV installation take several unique skills that you and your friends probably don't
possess. Unless you install plasma televisions for a living, or your friend has installed plasma televisions for living
then you honestly don't have the skills to install a big screen TV. HD Installers require all of our installers to certified
home theater installers and to become certified in home theater installation, plasma TV installation, LCD TV
installation and surround sound installation. The requirement that all our installers must become a certified
professional installer cost several thousands of dollars for the installer and is a recurring cost that they must pay
every year. Our installers must retake the courses every year to become re-certified in LCD TV Installation,
Plasma TV Installation, and Home Theater Installation. At HD Installers every installer must have a minimum 3
years of certified professional experience. That means the newest installer that would come out to your house to do
their very first installation with us have already invested approximately $10,000.00 of their own money and about 6
months of training. How much have you or your friend invested in learning how to install your LCD or plasma
television installation? How much training have you or your friend gone through to learn how to properly install your
investment. The other reason you don't want to use a friend  to install your TV or just do it yourself installation with
new LCD or plasma TV is because you have to consider what are you going to do when you damage your wall or
worse you drop your television? HD Installers is Certified, Insured, Prompt and Professional so you never have to
worry about all the problems you will run into if don't use a certified company like HD Installers.
Why choose a certified home theater or TV installation company like HD Installers to install your home theater installation,
plasma TV or LCD television over doing it yourself or "friend"?
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