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Terms to our electrical power outlet relocation service and to receive the HD Installers Professional Recessed
Power and Bushing Kit Solution.
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You must agree to the following terms to be able to receive HD Installers Professional Recessed Power and Bushing Kit
Solution and the labor to install it to be included with your purchase of our Premium or Platinum Installation Services.
By checking this box and submitting this form the customer agrees to be bound by the following terms.
Full Name Customer
Definition of Terms:

Kit or The Kit - HD Installers Recessed Professional Power and Bushing Kit.

Customer - The person who contacted HD Installers to order installation services and is either the card
holder or the authorized agent of the card holder.

HD Installers or Installer - HD Installers employees or anyone working on the behalf of HD Installers.

By submitting this form the Customer is agreeing to be legally bound by the following terms:

1.) Customer may cancel installation service as defined by the Installation terms of service located at
http://hdinstallers.com/tos.htm but once you select the Kit to be included with your installation you may not
return the Kit under any circumstances except for defect which the Customer agrees HD Installers has the
sole discretion to determine if there is a defect that was not caused by the customer mishandling the kit.

2.) Customer agrees that purchasing the Kit you are authorizing HD Installers to charge the credit card you
provided HD Installers for the price of the Kit

3.) Customer understands the Kit is mailed via USPS directly to Customer from HD Installers fulfillment
warehouse in the Atlanta, Georgia area and may take up to 5 days to be received (average delivery date is
3 days). By accepting these terms you're agreeing that HD Installers is not responsible for any delays due
in regards of delivery. You may select expedited delivery for an additional fee.

4.) By agreeing to these terms Customer agrees that the Kit and the installation of the kit as well as the TV
installation while bundled together are considered separate purchases. 1 for the equipment  included in the
Kit and a 2nd order for installation labor.

5.) Customer hold HD Installers harmless from any and all claims that result in any changes in local
electrical code.

6.) Customer understand that HD Installers makes no claim of warranty or suitability of service other than
what is stated in the product description.

7.) Customer agrees they are the card holder or the authorized agent of the card holder and has the legal
right to order this service via the credit card provided.

8.) Customer agrees the Kit has a retail value of $159.95 and shipping and handling fee of $10.05 for a
total of $170 excluding labor. This fee must be paid in full prior to shipping of the kit and if customer cancels
the installation service the customer agrees the Kit is not refundable even if the installation service order
was cancelled.

9.) By purchasing a Premium or Platinum Installation service from HD Installers we are discounting the
normal labor cost associated with our service by the price of the Kit. The Kit is not free or discounted when
purchasing this installation services. The cost for the Kit is never less than what is stated in 8 of these

10.) The Customer agrees that If the customer requires a longer length besides the 8' included in the kit of
the ROMEX copper cable that connects the outlet behind the television to the other outlet additional cost
will be incurred. The cost is $10 per foot over 8'. This fee must be paid in full prior to the item been shipped
and is non-refundable. Customer also agrees that installing the Kit beyond the included 8' length of the
ROMEX could result in additional labor cost.

11.) Customer agrees that HD Installers is not assigning any rights to licenses, market or resell the Kit to
the Customer.

12.) Customer agrees that they will not tamper with the Kit in anyway that could result in the Kit not working

13.) Customer agrees they are responsible to provide correct lengths needed by HD Installers to determine
what length ROMEX cable to send out. If the customer provides the incorrect length and the Installer is
required to reschedule the customer understand that they are responsible for possible rescheduling fees
as outlined by the  general HD Installers Terms of Service listed in 1 of these terms. HD Installers
recommends the customer over estimate the length of the required ROMEX by 2-3 feet for every 10' they
have measured they need.