Q: Can I mount my LCD TV above the fireplace? or Can I mount my plasma TV above the fireplace?
A: Yes, call us at: 866 431-4388 for more information.

Is it safe to hang a LCD TV or Plasma television above my fireplace?
A: Yes! If you use HD Installers we will not install the TV unless it's in a safe location. Read our article on Fireplace

Q: What cables do I need for my LCD TV or Plasma installation?
A: This depends on what you're hooking up. Check out our Cable & Wire Guide to HDTV, LCD TV, Plasma TV
Installation and soon to be launched OLED TV, and SED Installation service.

Q: How far should I sit from my large screen Plasma TV or LCD TV?
A: The distance to sit from your large screen Plasma TV or LCD TV is based on the size of the flat panel screen.
Check out our
Plasma and LCD TV Installation distance calculator to get an estimate of where to install your
LCD or Plasma TV in relation to your seating.

Q: Will HD Installers be offering OLED TV Installation Service?
A: HD Installers will be offering OLED TV Installation for both commercial and residential locations once the OLED TV
screens are available in the market. We have more about OLED TV installation service and the technology listed in
OLED TV installation page.

Q: Will HD Installers be offering SED TV Installation Service?
A: HD Installers will be offering SED TV Installation for both commercial and residential locations once the SED TV
screens are available in the market. We have more about SED TV installation service and the technology listed in our

SED TV Installation page.

Q:  Where do you provide professional installation service for large screen LCD TVs and Plasma
A.  Almost everywhere in the continental U.S. Call our TV Installation consultants for more information on our
installation coverage area or visit our large screen
Plasma TV and LCD TV installation coverage area page.

Q:  Do prices go up if I have a larger screen TV?
A:  In some areas an additional fee is required for LCD or Plasma televisions larger than 50". Most of our competitors
charge extra for televisions that are larger than 40". Call 866-431-4388 to get our prices for
Plasma television,
Home theater and LCD TV installation prices from HD Installers Installation consultants. Remember with
HD Installers you have the best price with
Pick Your Price Installation Service(sm)

Q.  Are the cables that are needed for the installation included?
A.  No, neither is the Television, any required wall mounts or anything else not specifically listed in your invoice.

Is moving the power outlet included?
A.  No, unless otherwise stated on your invoice the cost of moving or installing your outlet is not included.

Could I be charged more than what I agree to?
A: No, In most instances you will not have to pay anything additional to what you pay for the package. On extremely
rare occasions customers have special requirements that are not identified or in the original scope of work. On those
rare occasions the customer will be notified and must approve any additional work that will be required and any
associated fees prior to the additional work being completed.

Do you provide commercial installation services?
A: Yes, we provide installation for commercial, business and government locations.

Do you charge extra for commercial, business, or government LCD TV or Plasma TV installations?
A: It really depends. As a rule we do not charge extra for LCD TV or Plasma television installation just because the
location is a commercial, business or government building. You will only be charged additional fees for the LCD TV or
Plasma television installation services that are outside the original scope of work. Because commercial builders are
not required to build to the same standards as home builders they occasionally cut corners. When commercial
builders cut corners it can require additional work outside the original scope of work to complete the installation of
your Plasma or LCD TV. On these rare occasion the installer will notify the customer of any additional cost and get the
customer's approval prior to completing installing the Plasma or LCD Television.
Check out our commercial large
screen plasma television and LCD TV installation service.

Q:  How long does it take to complete the installation?
A:  Most packages take 3-4 hours, Premium and Platinum can take longer.  TV installation for very large LCD or
Plasma screens can take longer due to the size and the additional installation requirements for the wall

Q:  How soon will someone come out to perform my installation?
A:  Typically 7-10 business days after you have placed an order for professional LCD TV, Plasma TV, or
Home theater installation from HD Installers you will have your TV installed.
Occasionally it may take longer.
We now have
Next Day TV Installation Service call us today to find out more.

What if my Flat Panel TV hasn't arrived at my location yet?  When should I order the installation service?
A:  We recommend ordering your plasma or LCD TV installation service as soon as possible.  This gives you
the best opportunity to get the installation on the exact date and time you require. You can always push the date out if
it doesn't arrive as long as you call us prior to the day of the appointment.

Does the installation include the price of the Wall Mount?
A:  No.  All equipment must be purchased separately.  If you need assistance finding the equipment you need,
please call us, we would be happy to help.

Will the installers set up my DVD player, VCR and other components?
A:  Every service package we provide includes setting up all the video components, audio components vary.  Please
refer to our list of different
flat panel installation packages to find the one that meet your requirements.

What if I need something done that is not on your installation service package?
A:  Call our TV Installation consultants and we will develop a customized quote to meet your needs.

If I cancel my service will their be a cancellation fee?
A:  Yes, it cost HD Installers time, resources and money when you cancel. Our fee for cancellation is $129 for
installations that are not expedited or next day. $200 booking fee for
Next Day Installation Services or Expedited

What if the question I'm looking for is not on this page?
A:  Call us at 1 (866) 431-4388 to speak to our TV Installation consultants.

Q: Does HD Installers offer Next Day Installation Service?
A: Yes. See our
Next Day Installation Services page.

Why don't you put your prices on your web site or have a shopping cart?
A: Because with HD Installers you get Pick Your Price Installation service. We don't know what you're going to pay for
your installation until you tell us.
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TV from your seating
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Because our Pick Your Price Installation service is such an industry redefining service we put together the
following Q&A for our Pick Your Price Installation Service.

Q.) Why hasn't anyone tried this in the installation business before?
A.) Well it's the same concept as those travel sites that allow you to choose your pricing. We have over 16,000 installers
nationwide and we need to keep them busy with their schedules full. We would rather have them out on an install then them
sitting idol. The reality is that there was always more business than installers available. Due to the housing slow down many
contractors are now becoming certified to install HDTV so there are more installers then there are jobs. This change allows HD
Installers to give the power of pricing to our customer, we have the capacity now we need the business to get these guys
working again.

Q.) Will all prices be accepted?
A.) All offers will be reviewed but if someone out there thinks they can get a TV installed, wires concealed, outlet moved and
home theater installed which is about 8 hours of work done for a couple hundred dollars we would have to pass.

Q.) So what is a reasonable price?
A.) It's really defined by market and the skill required to complete the order. There is a huge difference between needing to put
Plasma TV on the stand and plug in the cable box in Birmingham, AL then it would be for someone needing a LCD TV mounted
on the wall in a high rise apartment in NYC. Give us the price you really think it is worth, we will do everything we can to make it
happen at that price. If you need further help to get a ballpark give us a call at 866-431-4388 and we can help you out. Here is
competitive price guidance we have put together for you. The closer you are to those prices the more likely your
installation will take place.

Q.) Can't I just call and get the price or why don't you just offer your best price?
A.) We have a program we put your location and requirements into and then based on your needs it identifies the installers that
best fit your needs, determines their current availability and potential availability on a higher priced installation at that time.
Then calculates the amount of time needed to complete the installation based on that installers track record and determines if
the price is something we can meet. So it's much more complicated then just giving you a price.

Q.) Why do I have to submit my credit card number?
A.) We do not charge the card until 24 hours before installation. We collect the credit card upfront because at the time we run
our program to book your appointment if we don't book the appointment at that time we will more than likely lose that slot. We
cannot book the appointment unless we have valid credit card on file because we are blocking out our installers time. When we
first got into this business we had some competitors call in and block out several of our installers time then when we went to the
location to complete the installation the home owner didn't know anything about it. This helps us prevent fraud which allows us
to give you the best possible rate.

Q.) Why do you charge the card before installation?
A.) We charge the credit card before installation because if we have problems with the credit card we need to know before the
installation. If we cannot secure a working credit card we need to be able to release our installers to work on other jobs and will
need to reschedule your installation with a working credit card. Ask yourself this question, if we completed the installation and
then tried to charge your card what recourse do we have if your card is bad? When we first started we had people to refuse to
pay after we have completed the installation. We could sue you but the lawyers cost more than a typical installation does so that
doesn't seem like a very good option. We couldn't rip the TV down after we put it up if you didn't pay us for the work we
performed. We also had unscrupulous competitors trying to book out our installers to make them unavailable with fake orders
since we didn't collect the credit card. In a nutshell this policy keeps fraud down and allows us to give you the best possible rate.

Q.) Do I have to order online?
A.) No you do not have to order online you can always give us a call at 866-431-4388 and one of our great installation
consultants can help you book your installation over the phone.

Q.) What services is this offered for?
A.) We offer the following services:
  • LCD TV installations at residential locations
  • LCD TV installations at commercial locations
  • Plasma TV installations at residential locations
  • Plasma TV commercial display installation at business locations
  • Home Theater Installation
  • Electrical outlet moving services

Q.) How do I place my bid to get installation done by HD Installers.
A.) It's very simple just click this link to get started:
HD Installers Pick Your Price Installation(sm)
Best Installation Price Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee