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Everything you need to know about home theater, LCD TV, and plasma television installation.
1.) Why choose a certified home theater or TV installation company like HD Installers to install your home
theater, plasma TV or LCD television instead of installing it yourself or with a "friend"?

2.) Watch out for the "install" guys that are too cheap....

3.) Why shouldn't I use installation services from companies big box stores to do my big screen installation?

4.) Things to consider when installing your plasma or LCD TV above the fireplace? or the answer to the question
"is it safe or okay to mount my flat screen Plasma television or LCD TV above my fireplace?"

5.) What cables do I need to install my TV?

6.) How OLED TV will change how you watch TV and will HD Installers provide installation services for OLED

7.) All about latest SED technology and what services HD Installers will provide to help you install SED TV.

8.) Are you asking yourself "What size TV should I get?" or "What size TV will work best with the size room I
have" or "How far should I sit from my big screen or large screen LCD TV or Plasma TV?" to find out go to the
HD Installers LCD TV, Plasma TV Installation Distance Calculator.

9.) HD Installers Cable and Wires HDTV Plasma TV Installation, LCD TV Installation and Projector Reference Guide

10.) Common cable configurations for plasma television installation and LCD television installations:
A. Most common installation configuration
B. Common high end installation configuration

11.) This article answers the question "HD Installers is certified, but is all certification of home theater
installation companies the same?"

12.) Proof Of Insurance for installers. Why it's important and how to read the insurance policy.

13.) Transition to DTV, how to instructions for basic DIY installations by HD Installers

14.) Why should you choose HD Installers and price guidance from competitors.

15.) Why can HD Installers can offer the Best Installation Price Guarantee with our B.L.I.P. system
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