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Sony's is launching it's Organic light emitting diode (OLED) display. They promise to provide the brightest,, clearest images without an lag or gitters.
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What's news worthy:
According to Sony: "OLED's light-emitting structure prevents light emission when reproducing shades of black: OLED technology reproduces very deep
blacks and can control all the phases of light emission, expressing colors and subtleties that conventional displays cannot match.

This means that the black levels will be better than LCD and the brightness will be better than Plasmas. That doesn't say much but it is a start. Having seen a couple of
these up close. They are very impressive. At the CES show the Sony OLED TVs, are absolutely brilliant in every aspect.
These screens almost seemed 3D to me.  Watching the screen you could see how the screen was fluid. I have an LCD at home a top end LCD and after getting back
from looking at these OLED's from Sony I don't think I will be able to ever look with pride at my high end LCD television again.

Originally it was thought that the screens would start coming out in large formats last year. Unfortunately that has happened yet but when the CEO of Sony says OLED
defined the company for 2008" you know that it means serious business. I would wager that we will start seeing large screen OLED coming on out in Aug of

The first screen they're coming out with is an 11" screen for $2500.00. I really don't expect them to sell very many at that price. But In talking with the product manager
at the show I think they are just setting the stage for the large screens to be priced at about $6K-$8K and seem like a great deal when they come out.

I got a good view of the back of a couple of these this time. And it looks like they are using a abnormal whole pattern (as in none) on the back of the screen.
I think this will
create a new market for ultra-thin wall mounts for installation. I think the frames will have to be more like picture frames. The mounts will
need to be smaller than one quarter of an inch for flat mounted installations otherwise it's just going to look very strange. The installation of these will be tricky as
the ultra thin design of the OLED TV is very nice but it's going to be
hard to keep that look when installing it on a tilt, cantilever or articulating arm wall
. I think the best way to install the OLED TV to keep their ultra-thin profile is going to be to install a recessed wall plate that goes back about 2-4 inches
to make room for the mounts and to keep a slim line look to the installation of the OLED TV. In my discussions with others I believe future large screen OLED
TV will have a separate media receiver and a proprietary cable that will go from the receiver to the TV. To help the OLED TV keep its slim design and make it
wall mountable.

As we get more information about how to install the Sony OLED televisions we will post it here so be sure to check back
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XEL-1 .
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