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Organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays show pictures and video at their best. Bright, clear images and fluid full-motion video
appear true-to-life at almost any angle.
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This section of our web site will be dedicated to OLED TV installation call 866 431-4388 to speak to one of our installation consultants.
What is OLED TV?

rganic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology uses nano-technology that emit red, green, blue or white light. Without any other source of light, OLED
materials present bright, clear video and images that are easy to see at almost any angle which is a significant improvement over LCD Televisions. Because of this
technology viewing and therefore installation is less complicated because you don't need to worry as much about the concerns with viewing angles that you get
with LCD Televisions.

Doping or enhancing organic material helps control the brightness and color of light. And manufacturers can choose organic materials’ structure – “small” (single)
molecules or complex chains of molecules (polymers) – to best suit production facilities.
Active matrix and passive matrix screens are two fundamental types of OLED display assembly. Each type lends itself to different applications.

Installation of OLED Televisions.

Installation of OLED Televisions will be significantly different than installation for LCD TVs or Plasma Televisions. The reason it will be different is because of the
width of the OLED television is significantly smaller that anything else in the market. The manufactures of mounts will no-doubt develop mounting hardware for
the installation of OLED televisions within a few months of the availability of the market. The manufactures of OLED Televisions will also more than likely come
out with mounting hardware for installing the OLED screens when they launch.

Here are some pictures from the CES 2007 show of some Sony OLED televisions that should give you a good idea on how different the OLED TV will be to
Click here for more updated information on Sony OLED TV form the CES 2008.

As you can see from the pictures above Sony's OLED is extremely thin. The picture quality looked great. I didn't see any whole patterns for wall mounting
hardware to install the OLED TV on the wall. Sony did have an large OLED TV installed on pole it looked like a custom job and as you can see from the
picture above the OLED TV wasn't installed on the custom pole straight so I think the OLED TV installation was just rigged up and not something that will be
the end product for mounting.

In looking at the OLED television screens for installation purposes I think that a OLED should use a installation bracket that goes around the scree that then
connects to a slim profile wall mount for installing the OLED TV on the wall. While OLED TV is very slim it doesn't mean OLED televisions will be easier to
install than Plasma or LCD TVs. In fact based on the OLED screens installed and modeled at CES the technical aspects of installing the OLED will make it a
more complex installation for the OLED televisions then plasmas or LCD TVs. If you look at the side view of the OLEDs installed you will see that the set what
looks like a power strip across the back of its base that video cables are installed into. This seems to be the only area or port to install any of cables into the
OLED Televisions. This OLED TVs cable installation port seems like it would detach with a proprietary cable that goes from it to the screen this of course
would also have to be mounted on the wall along with the installed OLED television.

Summary the OLED TV installation will be no walk in the park. I highly recommend that if you order one of these ultra-slim units once they are available that you
protect your investment by using a certified and insured installer like HD Installers. OLED TV installation services by HD Installers is going to be going into full
swing when the products go into mass production in 2009. We are already working with the leading OLED TV manufactures to help them understand the needs
and demands to install an OLED TV. If you're getting an OLED don't trust your OLED TV installation to any other company in then the one the manufactures
trust to install their OLED TV and to train them on OLED TV installation, that company is HD Installers.

HD Installers will offer OLED TV Installation Packages and Services as soon as the OLED technology officially launches. Check back on this page or call our
Installation Consultants at
866 431-4388
LCD TV Screen vs. OLED TV Screen Structure
Information on
OLED TV Structure
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