HD Installers Most Common Plasma Installation or LCD Installation
HD Installers, Home Theater, Plasma and LCD TV Nationwide Installation
HD Installers most common Plasma Installation or LCD Installation
HD Installers installs tens of thousands of LCD televisions and plasma televisions. Call us at 866 431-4388 for
more information on
the great flat panel, lcd, and plasma installation services we offer. The configuration listed
below is the most common installation requested. Customer are always asking what cables they need to purchase
so we put together the following diagram. This of course is not everything we do when we install a HD television. It
excludes things like
calibration, wall mounting, wire fishing, and several other professional installation
we provide as part of our installation services. To view our installation services check out our installation
packages page.
HD Installers
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Most common Plasma or LCD installation:
Plasma or LCD HDTV
HD Cable or Satellite
Progressive Scan DVD Player

Cables Required:
1 x HDMI

1 x Component Video Cables

2 x Audio Interconnect cables

1 x Composite Video

HDMI installed from HD Satellite or Cable Box installed to HD Plasma or LCD TV

Component Video & Audio Interconnect Cables Installed from DVD installed to HD Plasma or LCD TV

Composite Video & Audio Interconnect Cable installed from VCR to installed HD Plasma or LCD TV

If you need to purchase cables we recommend OwnHDTV.com for all your HD Cables and wall mounts
Call one of our HD LCD or Plasma Installation Consultants at 866 431-4388 to find why HD Installers
is the most recommended home theater, LCD TV and Plasma Installation company in the US.
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