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Frequently Asked Questions for HD Installers
With HD Installers  - You  get "Pick Your Price Installation"(SM) , and choose your time
for installation. All installations come with our industry redefining "
Best Installation Price Guarantee"(SM)
If have more than one television please note it below or call us at:
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If wires concealment is checked HD Installers assumes that the
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If you selected wire concealment please select the type of
wall at the installation location:
Do you need HD Installers move an electric outlet:
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Do you need HD Installers to provide your wall mount:
If you selected "Yes" please provide the model numbers of
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If you need us to program a remote is it a
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Click here for the Wikipedia.com definition of a
Learning Remote.
Tell HD Installers When You Want Installation
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If we cannot match your exact price, date or time requirements we will contact you within 48 hours to let you know what
other options we have available for you.
When you name your own price for television installation services with HD Installers Pick Your Price Installation(sm)
service you can expect to save up to 40% over other leading certified, licensed and insured installation companies.
That's why we guarantee in writing that you'll always get the best possible price on your installation. That is our "Best
Installation Price Guarantee"

Here's how it works:
If, within 24 hours of purchasing your HD Installers installation service, if you find a better rate from a certified, insured,
and licensed installation company excluding taxes, for the same service, call us and we'll match that price.

Here's how HD Installers Best Installation Price Guarantee(sm) works for you:
  • You must have first purchased a Pick Your Price Installation service from HD Installers. Your purchase will be evidenced by
    receipt of your work order for installation service. Save the work order for your records.
  • The lower rate must be found online on a competitor's site for the same service(s). And must be provided to you in a written quote
    with a guarantee that the price will not change which you must provide HD Installers as proof of their price. There are several
    installation companies out there that promise one price but half way through the install they add fees that is why we require a
    written quote and guarantee just like we provide you with our work order.
  • The company must be certified by at least two of the following certification companies and must provide a valid certification
    number. Planet Installation, Certified HDTV Installers, CEDIA.
  • To qualify, the lower rate must be available for the same date and time you scheduled with us at the time you contact us with the
    lower rate.
  • Our guarantee applies only to rates available to the general public. It does not apply to unpublished rates that are not available to
    the general public.
  • You must call us to claim your refund prior to your installation and within 24 hours of confirmation of your hdinstallers.com
  • Successful claims will receive a credit to the credit or debit card used to make your HD Installers purchase within 7-10 business
    days after completion of installation and HD Installers representative confirmation of the valid competitor offer.
  • Additional restrictions may apply. HD Installers is the final authority on the interpretation of these rules. HD Installers reserves the
    right to deny any claims that cannot be reasonably verified, or for which incomplete information has been provided. HD Installers
    reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time without notice.
Choose your installation warranty coverage:
I do not want a installation warranty coverage. I wave any claims of a warranty.
I want a 12 month installation warranty for $50
I want a lifetime warranty on my installation for $150
Do not put your warranty cost in the Pick Your Price Installation cost section. It is
billed separately. Warranties are only billed if you get service from HD Installers.
By submitting this form your a contractually agreeing that the information provided above is accurate and
complete. HD Installers is not liable for any omissions by you. You are also agreeing to be bound by our
terms of services as it relates to services provided by HD Installers. You are authorizing HD Installers to
contact you back to obtain a credit card number and to charge your credit card
only if we can match your
price to the installation, date and time requirements you specified on this form or agree to over the phone.
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Best Installation Price Guarantee By HD Installers