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Welcome to HD Installers! Call (866) 431-4388 to get "Pick Your Price Installation"(sm)
Pick Your Price Installation
Save Time and Money
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Best Installation Price Guarantee
Step 1
You call our qualified installation consultants at 866-431-4388 or fill out our
Pick Your Price Installation(sm) request form
Because you are picking your price you can save your time from having to shop around for the best price from a certified,
insured and licensed installers because HD Installers
guarantees the best price for your HDTV, Home Theater, plasma or
LCD TV installation.
Step 2
We input your installation requirements into our B.L.I.P. system.
The B.L.I.P. system then determines what is the best price available in your market for a certified, insured and bonded
installer for your Home Theater, plasma or LCD TV installation.
Step 3
HD Installers calls you back within 48 hours to let you know the results of B.L.I.P.
You let us know if you want to proceed with your installation.
You get our
"Best Installation Price Guarantee"(sm), which is only available by HD Installers.
Step 4
Your installation is completed on the date and time you selected.
HD Installers contacts you back to make sure you are satisfied with the installation service provided as part of our
100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Home Theater, plasma or LCD TV installations.
To get started with Pick Your Price Installation(sm) service from HD Installers call us at 866-431-4388 if
you have any questions.