HD Installers has been installing televisions and surround sound systems for over 16 years. As the industry innovator we have
noticed a sharp rise in customers that have been taken by marketing companies passing themselves out as installation
companies. The problem with using these companies is that they use the cheapest labor they can find that aren't really installation
professionals. Usually these installations are completed by computer geeks they find through a cheap online service that don't
have a clue what the are doing but may have possibly read something on how to install these systems. This gives the industry a
black eye because when these  companies that don't know what they are doing try to pass themselves as professional installation
companies. You can have several issues with quality and possible injury.

The most common issues that arise from using someone who isn't a "Certified HDTV Installer":

  1. Poor picture quality - Calibrating a big screen HDTV is completely different than calibrating a computer monitor.
  2. Poor sound quality - computer geeks know nothing of sound systems.
  3. Shorter life span of your system - Improper setting cause your screen to burn brighter than needed causing
    your screen life to be cut down to as low as half.
  4. Improperly calibrated system causing issues with synchronization of the audio and video.
  5. Property Damage - When a TV falls down it can cause significant damage to the structure, wall and flooring
    where the TV has falling.
  6. Cancellation of your home owners policy for improperly, unlicensed installation service. If you use one of
    these computer geeks to install your system in most areas you're voiding your home owners policy because
    you're required to have state certified low voltage experts install the system. Most homeowners policies are
    very clear that you must use only licenced state certified professionals or any damage caused by them or
    caused afterward that may be related to these installations void your policy. Don't take our word call you home
    owners insurance company to find out their policy about using unlicensed contractors for low voltage
    installation service.
  7. Injury including possible death from the screen falling. We really don't like bringing this up. But unfortunately
    we know of pets and children dying from screens being improperly installed. We've served as expert
    witnesses in civil and criminal lawsuits in cases against improper installation that cause injury and death. Only
    trust licenced certified installation companies.

You can avoid these marketing companies because they don't carry their own insurance as insurance companies will not cover
them directly. Ask to see the companies "Insurance Certificate" before they come out and do the installation.

If the company your looking at is a true installation the insurance policy will show their name in the "Insured" section on the top left.
If the company you are dealing with is only in the "certificate holder" this is not their insurance policy and they're not going to be a
true installation company. Furthermore in the Terms of Service protection in coverage is different than the insured. If the
insurance companies would not trust them enough to take their money and to insure them why should you trust them with your

Why do companies do get listed as a certificate holder?
  1. Because they can't get insured directly
  2. Because they are trying to cut corners, cost and don't really care about your satisfaction.
  3. Because it makes it harder for you to track them down and sue them if you have a true damage claim.
  4. It only cost $100 at most to add someone as a "Certificate Holder". That just has the insurance company contact
    them if they cancel their insurance.

When you're comparing installation companies make sure you're really dealing with an installation company. Some installation
companies will use sub-contractors in certain areas but they are still insured to provide that work for you. Don't trust your
investment with companies that can't even get approved for an insurance policy. Protect your rights, protect your investment and
verify they have proper true insurance coverage.

HD Installers will provide proof of insurance once you have placed an order. We do not provide it prior as we have had
some dishonest competitors get this information in the past and make false claims to mess with us and our insurance rates.
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